Woodland Celtic Festival Results

April 27-28 found the JPB in competition at the Woodland Celtic Festival.

The band placed 1st in the Grade 5 MSM competiton on Saturday. We added the 1st in the QMM on Sunday for a sweep of the Grade.

Solo Results Woodland Celtic Games 2019 for Jefferson Pipe Band Members

Drum Major
Scott Thomsen
2nd Place USA Champion Drum Major

Grade 3:
Ted Hales
2nd place Piobaireachd (1st place in adult division)
2nd place 2/4 March (1st place in adult division)
3rd place Strathspey/Reel
3rd place JIG

Carrie Wigham
2nd place Piobaireachd

Becky Saraceno
4th Strathspey/Reel
5th Piobaireachd

Donny Saraceno
5th 2/4 March

Bob Skinner
Best laugh from a judge

Grade 4:

Darin Talcot

1st place champion of champions 2018 WUSPBA Grade 4 snare drumming

1st place 6/8 march
6th in 2/4 march

Caleb Addie (first Solo Competition)
1st place 2/4 march

Jax Robertson (first solo competition)
2nd place 2/4 march

Gavin Guidotti (first solo competition)
1st place 2/4 march
1st place 6/8 march
2nd place Piobaireachd
4th in Slow Air
Liz Tubbs Trophy for best upcoming young piper

John Elliott
1st Place Slow Air
3rd Place 2/4 march

Brian Schwartzberg
1st Place 2/4 march
1st place 6/8 march
1st place slow air
1st place Piobaireachd

Lori Martin
Tenor Drumming: 1st place Ms Congeniality

Molly Navarro-Skinner
5th in 6/8 march
6th in Slow Air

Linda Lindsay
5th place 2/4 march
6th place 6/8 march

Nancy Dietz Menefee
6th Place 2/4 March

Jim Cruickshank
4th in 6/8 March

This is our last year having only one band. Our plans are to add a Grade 4 band to the current Grade 5 band. We’ll see how the rest of the season goes!