Monthly Archives: August 2017


Well, the buses did not run today. We were not able to go into Elgin and the Abbey.

Took a beautiful walk down the Spey river to Cregallochie and visited our old friend Joe at the Fiddich Inn. Joe celebrated his 88th birthday yesterday. What a pleasure to see our old friend.

Our Last Free Day in Scotland

Hard to believe this is our last free day in Scotland. Tomorrow, we leave Aberlour to head back to Glasgow.

Today, we plan to visit the Abbey outside of Elgin. Pluscarden Abbey is centries old, and still an active Catholic Benedictine monastary. It is the only midevil monastary in the UK still being used for it’s original purpose.

1 of 2 posts missed.

Inverray was a stormy time, but beautiful area. We were able to meet the Duke of Argyll. visited with Stuart and Sabina and had a great BBQ.


Cgris trying to decideĀ 

Bob & Molly with a new friend



Finally made it back to Abelour, our last stop untill heading back to Glasgow, then the flight home.

We visited the Macallum today, had a great tour with tasting.

Now settling down for an evening in. Tomorrow we vist Aberlour for a grand tasting.