Joining the Band

Bagpipe Pipes & Drums

Important financial factors to consider before undertaking
the journey into piping.

Everyone starts their journey by learning  the Great Highland Bagpipes on a practice chanter. According to various vendors  recently researched, good practice chanters will cost approximately $55.00 and up.
The student will also need a tutor/instruction book:  $12.95 to $24.95, and a metronome,  $20.00 (some smart phones have free apps.)

Band members may be available for private instruction and if not, we can certainly recommend another instructor. The purchase of bagpipes is not recommended until a student is proficient on the practice chanter. This process can take from 3 to 6 months. Once the instructor believes the student is ready to buy pipes, it will take another 2 to 6 months to become proficient on the full pipes. Each player is responsible for the expense of their own instruction and instruments.

The prospective member must keep in mind that the pipe chanter may, and most likely will not match the chanters the band plays. This will be an additional expense of approximately $165. The new member will also be required to purchase a band bag cover with logo.


Prospective snare drummers should purchase a practice pad and sticks. This is a small expense to start with but a necessary expense to get started. In addition to the snare drummers, prospective bass & tenor players will need lessons in the rudiments of percussion skills. Each player is responsible for the expense of their own instruction. Drummers will not be allowed to compete with the band until given the OK by our drum instructor.

The band owns most of the drum equipment and will make it available to the students when they are ready for the transition. Drummers will be expected purchase sticks and beaters on their own as equipment wears out or breaks and are encouraged to purchase their own instruments if possible. Drummers will be responsible for repair cost of equipment loaned to them by the band.


All players must achieve an acceptable level of competency on the pipes and drums prior to being considered for participation in parades. A further higher level of competency will be required for consideration in special performances and competitions. *

We will do everything within our ability to help you find the best way to reach you level goal. Prospective members should remember that in many cases, the amount of practice you put in at home dictates your level of competency.

Prospective pipers should concentrate on these basic parade tunes before moving to the more advanced music:

  1. Set 1: Scotland the Brave, The Rowan Tree, and Wings
  2. Set 2: The Green Hills of Tyrol and When the Battle’s O’er
  3. Set 3: PM JK Cairns, Loch Maree, The 1976 Police Tattoo, and Peter Mackenzie Warren
  4. Set 4: Bloody Fields of Flanders Set
  5. Set 5: Molly’s Trip to the Green Quick March Medley
  6. Amazing Grace
  7. At Long Last

“Consistent attendance at band rehearsals and performances as well as effective practicing at home are prerequisites for those wishing to continue performing with the band in parades and special events and to maintain voting rights at Annual General Meetings.”

All band members may be required to contribute $10/month dues. This is not currently being done, but we reserve the right to implement such dues if needed. This money could go towards such items as reeds, drumheads, travel, band teachers, practice hall rental and other miscellaneous band needs.

There are other costs of uniforms that will be incurred in the future. These vary and we can help you research these costs when the appropriate time comes.

E-mail us for more information at:

* All prices stated on this page are approximate. Exact prices will vary depending on the vendor.
Our thanks to our friends at the Sir James MacDonald Pipe Band for some ideas in designing the wording of this page. Special performances include, but are not limited to stage concerts, limited gigs, and competitions.

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