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  • Gold Leaf Nursery in Anderson
  • Herreid’s Music on Market Street in Redding
  • Music Connection on Bechelli Lane, Redding*
  • Treats Natural Pet Supplies, Eureka Way, Redding
  • Redding School of the Arts
  • Simpson University Veteran’s Office
  • or by calling 243-5240.*

*To purchase Tickets with your charge card, both 243-5240 and Music Connection can process your card.

Paradise Alliance Church

The Paradise Alliance Church welcomed us to their annual Celtic concert.The crowd was once again a welcoming and gracious group, and one we thoroughly enjoy playing for.


Thanks to members Rob Jeffs, Dave and Finn Cave, John Elliott, MIKE Mattia and Bob & Molly Skinner for taking the time out of busy schedules and doing this performance.

2017 Veteran’s Events

2017 Veteran’s events were many and far afield. Thanks to the following members:

Dave Cave, Finn and Mark, thanks for Grant School’s Honor Day for veteran’s on Friday, Nov 3.

Bob & Molly for RSA’s salute to veterans on Thursday, Nov 9

Dion, Dan, Dave C, Dave A, Bob, Molly, Carrie, Michael Mattia, and Brian Hovinga at the USMC Birthday Ball Friday, Nov 10
(My personal opinion is this was our best performance at this event in years.)

Molly, Dan, John and Bob E for Igo Veteran’s Day ceremony and the dedication of the USAF memorial at Igo Nov 11.

Dave A for traveling to Willows for the Veteran’s Day ceremony, Nov 11

Donny, Becky, Sarah and Linda for The Veteran’s Day ceremony at Central Point and at the Vereran’s Fountain, Nov 11

Bob and Dion for playing in Weed at the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden on Nov.

Great showing over the whole arena. It was greatly appreciated by all of the Veterans I talked to.

If I missed any event or person, please let me know. It wasn’t on purpose.

One more event on Friday Nov 17 at Simpson Univ. for the 1st year celebration of the opening of their Veteran’s center.


Well, the buses did not run today. We were not able to go into Elgin and the Abbey.

Took a beautiful walk down the Spey river to Cregallochie and visited our old friend Joe at the Fiddich Inn. Joe celebrated his 88th birthday yesterday. What a pleasure to see our old friend.

Our Last Free Day in Scotland

Hard to believe this is our last free day in Scotland. Tomorrow, we leave Aberlour to head back to Glasgow.

Today, we plan to visit the Abbey outside of Elgin. Pluscarden Abbey is centries old, and still an active Catholic Benedictine monastary. It is the only midevil monastary in the UK still being used for it’s original purpose.