Bagpipe Music:

Set 1: Scotland the Brave/Rowan Tree/Wings

Set 2: Green Hills/When the Battle’s O’er

Set 3: PM JK Cairns/Murdo’s Wedding/1976 Police Tattoo/Peter MacKenzie Warren

Set 4:  Molly’s Trip to the Green/March of the Callanish PB/Bonnie House of Airlie/Ariogan

Set 5 Irish Set:  Dawning of the Day/Minstrel Boy/Wearin’ o’ the Green

Set 6: 2020 Competition QMM

Set 7: 3/4 Retreat Set The Bloody Fields of Flanders/Castle Dangerous/The Dream Valley of Glendaruel

Set 8: 2020 MSM

2020 MSR:

Competition entry tune: All Tied Up

Leaving Port Askaig/The Gael

The Skye Boat Song/My Home

Amazing Grace

Plus many more